What We Do

We offer professional planning to get your home in order. This can mean organizing and sprucing up what you already have. Maybe add a fresh coat of paint. Or, if budget allows, we can completely renovate your space. Just like in landscaping, we can decide when walking through your home what’s worth saving, and what needs to go. We care about your quality of life, and believe you can do a lot with some good designing & planning. General labor is $25 hour. You can’t beat that! We can give you an estimate once the plan is set in place.

Here’s some heavy lifting my team can help with, after we come up with a design plan:

  • Cleaning, Hauling & Organizing
  • Interior Painting
  • Paper Hanging (yes, it’s back in style!)
  • Window Treatment Installation
  • Hanging Wall Art or Gallery Walls
  • Handyman Services
  • Furniture assembly
Sitting Room - New Colors and Furniture
Bedroom Interior Design


When do you take appointments?

We work M-F between 8:00am-5:30pm.

Do you handle renovations?

We can consult on renovations.  We can help pick out your colors, lighting, flooring, cabinets, or whatever you need.  We just don't manage the contractors or the reno work.

What if our current furniture is not in the space?

Take pictures and measurements of the items you would like to bring with you and have them available at the home visit to show the designer. 

No need to send the pics/measurements in advance.  Just be sure to have them with you at the time of the visit so the designer can consider them in the space.


Where do you source the furnishings?

We source from hundreds of different vendors, depending on your budget and style preferences.  We only use items that can be purchased online.  

When we source from online-only vendors, we try to use sites that have free/low-cost shipping and free returns.  

We do not recommend things that cannot be found online (i.e. things from small boutiques, thrift stores, or auction houses) as we cannot guarantee that the items will still be in stock when you are ready to buy.

Do you provide a drawn floor plan?

A computer-drawn floor plan is included with every plan.

Do you manage custom projects (i.e. built-ins, window treatments, etc.)?

Because custom items are typically quite expensive and take a long time, we don't handle anything custom.  We are happy to give you our advice regarding your custom project.  

We can discuss with you the pros/cons of built-ins, choose from fabric samples for your window treatments, or even suggest a direction for your cabinetry/tile.  But we don't measure for sizing or manage the project.

If we don't see a service that we need in your plans, can you tailor a plan to our needs?

Yes, we sure can!  Give us a ring at (269)548-57096 to discuss your project and create a plan that will meet your design needs.  

1 Room Renovation - $350 Total

• 1 hour in home meeting
• Scaled CAD plan & 3D imagery
• Design board for 1 room
• Décor needs (art, furnishings, accessories)
• Color consultation
• Window treatments
• Links for 6-8 designed items

2 Room Renovation - $550 Total

• 2 hour in home meeting
• Scaled CAD plan & 3D imagery
• Design board for 2rooms
• Décor needs (art, furnishings, accessories)
• Color consultation
• Window treatments
• Links for 12-16 designed items

Design Time Add-On - $60/hour

• Add on 3rd room.
• Help styling a bookcase
• Help laying out a gallery wall
• Decorating for holiday hosting
• Finishing touches for a room
• Shopping/help picking out your tile, cabinets, flooring. We would love to guide client selections. However, we don't manage the contractors or the renovation work.